Build Up Skills UK

Build Up Skills UK (BUSUK) is a landmark piece of training and skills research focusing on the UK built environment craft and trade workforce. Backed by the European Commission, the aim of this work is to enable the UK to have the appropriately skilled workforce to meet the EU 2020 energy efficiency targets. The project was a joint initiative between SummitSkills, Building Futures Group, CITB-ConstructionSkills and E&U Skills. It was funded by the EU.

The final research stage of the project was to develop a Skills Roadmap which has now been completed, and after a series of consultation and testing events with many built environment and energy efficiency stakeholders, SummitSkills successfully gained endorsement of the document across the industry.

Structure of the 2020 Skills Roadmap and Action Plan

The first half of the document provides a brief summary of the findings from the Status Quo report in relation to:

  • The UK’s energy efficiency targets and contribution towards them from the built environment sector;
  • Skills and qualifications needs;
  • Anticipated barriers to meeting the 2020 energy efficiency targets.

The remainder presents the strategy and suggested actions required to tackle these issues. The overall strategy is summarised with key objectives through to 2020 on page 12, followed by a more detailed explanation on page 13. Each of the key objectives is then broken down into a series of actions – with the resources/inputs required, likely timing and approaches needed to monitor progress – on pages 14-35. Included within each objective are factors for consideration, such as risks.

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