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Micro Combined Heat and Power

What is Micro CHP?
Micro combined heat and power (Micro CHP) is the term used to describe the simultaneous production of domestic electricity and heat for individual homes.

A boiler similar to a conventional gas boiler transmits heat and hot water throughout the property, but the micro CHP system also generates electricity.

What are the benefits?
Micro CHP could provide as much as 20% of the UK’s electricity supply, more than we currently get from nuclear power generation.  Excess electricity can be fed back to the national grid, helping to reduce energy costs.  This type of energy production converts waste gases into electricity, reducing emissions into the atmosphere and working more efficiently to produce power.

How does it work?
Natural gas is used by a boiler system to generate heat and electricity.  Up to 80% of the energy generated is converted into heat and circulated within a hot water and central heating system, whilst up to 25% is converted to electricity.  As little as 5% is lost in flue gases as opposed to 20% lost with a conventional boiler.

Grants available
The Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP) is an open grants programme run by BRE, an award partner of the Big Lottery Fund. Part of the Fund's Changing Spaces programme, CSEP has been set up to help not-for-profit community based organisations in England to reduce their energy bills and environmental impact. Both capital and project development grants are available under this scheme. Capital grants are available for the purchase and installation of a range of low carbon technologies such as solar water heating, photovoltaics or wood fuelled boilers, along with various energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation. Project Development Grants are available for feasibility studies. See

More information - Combined Heat & Power Association:

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