Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

SummitSkills is the sector skills council for the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector, which encompasses the electrotechnical, plumbing, heating & ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

Our vision for the sector is to influence and promote investment in skills at all levels.

To assist in the realisation of this vision, SummitSkills recognises the importance of promoting equality of opportunity and diversity throughout the BSE sector.

Corporate responsibility for ensuring and promoting equal opportunities and diversity rests with the SummitSkills Board. However, everyone in the sector should have an awareness of equal opportunities and diversity issues and should accept responsibility for ensuring that this policy is implemented both at a business and an individual level.

SummitSkills is committed to ensuring that everyone is treated equally irrespective of age, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation or religious beliefs or on the basis of any other factors which are visible or invisible. SummitSkills is also committed to active awareness-raising of issues and generating solutions to address them.

SummitSkills celebrates and recognises the true value of diversity and expects all those in, or associated with, the sector to:

• understand, accept and respect individual differences
• treat everyone on the basis of their merits and abilities
• promote equality of access to education, training and development
• create an environment that encourages an understanding and appreciation of the needs of others and deals with oppressive behaviour, harassment or bullying
• promote best practice in all activities such as recruitment, selection, promotion and curriculum practices
• ensure that no-one receives any privilege or less favourable treatment  based on the factors listed in this policy
• listen to and learn from others both within and outside the sector

SummitSkills will adopt a zero-tolerance approach internally and will continuously monitor practices to ensure that the sector meets its commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity as determined by this policy. Legislation and practice will be monitored and this policy amended and updated accordingly.

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