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The Big Bang - Manchester Central

The Big Bang is a special annual celebration led by the Engineering & Technology Board to stimulate young people's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The 2010 event, held in the centre of Manchester, was supported by SummitSkills and CIBSE to highlight the first steps towards a career in building services engineering.

Where does SummitSkills fit in?

CIBSE and SummitSkills met over 300 visitors from around the UK during the three-day event. 

Students were encouraged to become Low Carbon Heroes and think about ways of saving energy around the home.  Sector experts were on hand to describe how their skills and knowledge fit into the booming world of the built environment and renewable technologies.

Not only that - Liz Bonnin from the BBC's Bang Goes the Theory popped by to play the careers game while Lord Mandelson confirmed his support as a Low Carbon Hero!

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