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SummitSkills Skill M&E Competitions shortlisted

10 Feb 2012

The Skill M&E competitions run by SummitSkills have been shortlisted for the Training Initiative of the Year at the H&V News Awards 2012.

The Skill M&E competitions consist of four contests that search for the best of the best mechanical and electrical engineers from the building services engineering (BSE) sector: SkillELECTRIC, SkillFRIDGE, SkillPLUMB and SkillPIPE.
They showcase the high skills levels attained by the trainees within the BSE sector and promote good training as the way to develop the skills that are needed to ensure a successful future. The competitions seek to recognise the UK’s finest plumbers, electricians, pipe fitters and refrigeration and air conditioning engineers, which helps inspire other young people to consider a career in the sector and raise the profile and visibility of SummitSkills.
Neil Collishaw, head of competitions and awards, SummitSkills said: “We are very pleased to have been shortlisted for these prestigious awards. We strive to make sure that our skills competitions set the standard for how competitions are managed and presented. Everyone benefits from competition as it ensures the constant development of technology, quality of goods and skills. For the individual, the rewards can be fantastically satisfying. For employers, highly adept employees contribute to the success and profitability of the company.”
“We want to encourage employers to invest in training and take on apprentices and we feel that the skills competitions are a great vehicle to showcase the skills and abilities of talented young people. We find that they also go a long way to help change the perceptions of many SMEs in our sector who don’t traditionally train young people.”
During the competitions there are Have-a Go sessions which demonstrate renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic and wind power generation. These systems are becoming an increasingly important skill for BSE sector operatives to learn in order to meet future demand from customers.
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