The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils

Apprenticeships in Wales

Foundation Apprenticeships usually last at least two years and apprentices work towards a Level 2 combined knowledge and competence qualification and Essential skills. You may then continue at this level in your career or progress on to an Apprenticeship Level 3 programme. 

Apprenticeship Level 3 usually lasts at least two years if progressing from a Foundation Apprenticeship but at least three years for new entrants. Apprentices work towards a Level 3 combined knowledge and competence qualification and Essential Skills at a higher level. 

Although each apprenticeship framework is specific to the particular industry, they are all made up of three parts:

  • NVQ Diploma Level Two or Three - the occupational NVQ Diplomas for the sector are the core of every framework.
  • Essential Skills - the skills everyone needs to be able to adapt constantly to changing work situations, including
         Application of Numbers
         IT (Information technology)
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