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Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a quality assurance mark for low carbon technology installers and products. It is linked to financial incentives available from the Government under its Green Deal initiative to increase the energy efficiency of homes and businsses in the UK and encourage consumers, businesses and communities to change they way they use and generate energy.

 The MCS has set minimum competence requirements for installers who want to become MCS certified. You can find these in the MCS Microgeneration Installer Standards.

 Where there is a technology or a type of work that is common to both competent persons schemes and the MCS, the competence requirements are the same for both. 

 If you are considering training with the aim of joining a competent person scheme or becoming MCS certified, click here to find details of qualifications that have been assessed and confirmed as meeting the minimum competence requirements for either or both of these schemes. 

 Please note:

 1. It is not a mandatory requirement to complete any training or achieve a qualification/course certificate in order to be able to demonstrate the competence required for a competent person scheme membership or MCS installer certification. However, completing relevant training and achieving a qualification/course certificate is often the preferred route to demonstrating competence.

 2. Completion of any training or achievement of a qualification/course certificate listed on this website does not guarantee you membership of a Building Regulations Competent Person Scheme or MCS installer certification. Both schemes have management and quality control requirements and will need a satisfactory completed installation assessment before membership or certification can be given.





































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