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Would you like to know more about the Government's Green Deal initiative?SummitSkills has joined forces with AssetSkills and CITB-ConstructionSkills in the Green Skills Alliance partnership to help those involved the construction and built environment sector to understand the Government's Green Deal initiative, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes and businesses. Find out more about the work of the Green Skills Alliance here.

Are you ready to manage without a retirement age?

As from 1 October 2011 the Default Retirement Age has been removed. Employers can no longer force employees to retire just because they reach the age of 65. 

This means that most people will be able to retire at a time which is right for them. Without the Default Retirement Age employers can only set retirement ages where it can be objectivley justified in their particluar circumstances. 

Find out more from the Department for Work and Pensions' Age Positive inititative.


So, when was the last time your business had a GOOD DAY? This week? Last week? Can’t remember? SummitSkills is dedicated to helping you develop the skills of your employees, making you better equipped to achieve the productivity, innovation and profitability to succeed. After all, a GOOD DAY’s work from your employees makes for a GOOD DAY in business.

Visit our dedicated Good Day website to find out why you should train, the different types of training you can get involved in, and who to contact for more help.


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