The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils

Skill M&E

What's it all about?

Skill M&E consists of four skills competitions that search for the ‘best of the best’ mechanical and electrical engineers from the building services engineering sector:


SkillELECTRIC, SkillFRIDGE, SkillPIPE and SkillPLUMB have been designed to promote standards and skills across the sector, developing competence into excellence. At these events competitors will undertake a series of practical tests based on real-life work which will demonstrate their abilities and highlight their outstanding skills in their industry.

Why get involved?

Everyone benefits from competition as it ensures the constant development of technology, quality of goods and skills provided. For the individual, the rewards can be fantastically self satisfying. For employers, highly adept employees contribute to the success and profitability of the company.

What happens next?

Winners of the competitions also could have the chance to become truly world-class at WorldSkills, the largest international skills competition in the world.  Find out more about WorldSkills.

How to find out more

Skill M&E is organised and run by SummitSkills.  For more information about the skills competitions, visit the Skill M&E website.

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