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Small Employer Representation – Trailblazer Electrotechnical Apprenticeship Standard

The purpose of the Discipline Employer Group for the new Electrotechnical Apprenticeship standard is to address issues arising from implementation of the standard or the assessment plan as they come up, and to prepare for the review of the standard in July 2018.

The group is currently seeking additional small employer representation. The group currently consists of employer representatives from Barlows UK, Daly Engineering Services, Darke & Taylor, Derry Building Services, SJD Electrical and T Clarke, and has formal meetings twice a year at the IET in Stevenage. Interested candidates should have a proven interest in supporting apprenticeships in the electrotechnical industry. Please contact Keith Marshall via for additional information.

SummitSkills – your first port of call for Electrotechnical Trailblazer questions

A new helpline for questions about the electrotechnical trailblazer apprenticeship has been opened by SummitSkills.

The new apprenticeship, launched last year following consultation with industry employers, updates and improves the previous apprenticeship framework. TESP (The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership) and the IET, who are jointly responsible for the managing its implementation, appointed SummitSkills to this role to answer technical questions and queries on any areas, for example the new approach to assessment.

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About Trailblazer Apprenticeships

Following the Richard Review recommendations, Apprenticeships are now focused on employers being in control, and are now based on standards designed by employers to meet their needs, the needs of their sector and the economy more widely.

The new Apprenticeship standards, of which there will only be one for each occupation, are short, easy to understand, two page documents that describe the level of skill, knowledge and competency required for a specific occupation.  These new standards will replace the current frameworks.

Trailblazers are groups of employers, of different sizes, working together to design new Apprenticeship standards for occupations in their sectors.  Trailblazer employers now have the opportunity to lead the development of the new standards and assessment approaches that sit alongside them.

From 2017/18, it is expected that all Apprenticeship starts will be based on the new standards and funding against existing frameworks will cease. To view all the new Trailblazers standards which have been developed please visit the GOV.UK website.


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