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Certification and Registration


Universal Apprentice Declaration and Authorisation Form 

The new universal form covers declarations for the apprentice to:

• confirm the existence of an Apprenticeship Agreement between themselves and their employer (or that Alternative Completion Conditions apply)
• confirm their achievement of all ERR requirements
• confirm their achievement of all 6 PLTS
• confirm that they have received at least the minimum levels of GLH set out in their framework and have undertaken training both on and off the job

They also have to sign to give their authority for the claimant, named on the form, to make a claim, on their behalf,  for their Apprenticeship completion certificate.

Requirements for Transferable Skills in SASE Frameworks

The only evidence accepted for Transferable Skills Achievement (ie Functional Skills etc) - and therefore claims for apprenticeship completion certificates - is the qualifications identified in the appropriate SASE framework document. These legally required qualifications are specified in accordance with the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children & Learning Act 2009.  A full explanation is available here.


Certificate Requests for Claims Prior to 12 April 2011 only

To receive an apprenticeship framework certificate, download the appropriate certification request form (see below) and send it to SummitSkills with a cheque or purchase order for the correct fee and the evidence required as outlined in the form.

Apprenticeship frameworks completed on or before 12 April 2011 will be charged £30 for a certificate in the existing format. 

SummitSkills has reviewed its apprenticeship frameworks and the revised frameworks can be downloaded from our website as they become available.

Certificate request forms for England ONLY
 (for completion dates up to and including 12 April 2011):




Certificate request forms for Scotland and Wales ONLY






Registration Forms Scotland*

Please complete this form and send it to SummitSkills with a cheque or purchase order for £20 to register your apprentices. The registration will be sent to you in triplicate, one for your file, one for the apprentice and one for their employer:

Registration for BSE Technician
 England, Wales & Northern Ireland only*

 If you have any queries please contact Angela Gennery at SummitSkills on 01908 303973.

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