• The Voice of the Industry

    SummitSkills acts as the voice of employers across the Building Services Engineering sector to ensure standards, qualifications and apprenticeships are fit for purpose...

  • Bringing Buildings to Life

    The Building Services Engineering sector is responsible for the life and soul of a working building - heating, electricity, plumbing, cooling and ventilation...

  • Standards

    SummitSkills develops National Occupational Standards (NOS) so the sector can define the level of competence needed for a particular job role or occupation.

  • Qualifications

    We work hard to ensure the sector's qualifications are relevant, useful and provide employees with the right skills

  • Apprenticeships

    SummitSkills is responsible for developing the sector’s apprenticeship frameworks to meet industry and employer needs.

About Us

SummitSkills is employer-led and employer-owned – we are the Standard Setting Organisation that works with the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector to develop and maintain standards, qualifications and apprenticeships.

By acting as the voice of the industry and working directly with employers, we can ensure that skills development for the sector remains tailored and fit for purpose.



Withdrawal of Apprenticeship Frameworks

The SFA have recently updated the list of English SASE Apprenticeship frameworks due for withdrawal on 1st October

Smart Metering and Gas Heating & Efficiency NOS Review

We are inviting you to provide your comments on the updated National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Smart Metering

Closure of SummitSkills from March 2017

At the SummitSkills Board Meeting held on 20 October, the future strategic direction of SummitSkills was discussed in

CANCELLED – Employer Event – London 2nd November

SummitSkills is holding a free breakfast event on 2nd November as part of our Employer Engagement programme: >